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Our Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter is the longest running deep sea fishing charter in Key West, Florida, catching payloads of fish since 1947.

The 58-foot Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter motors up to 60 passengers swiftly out to deep-sea fishing spots thanks to twin Detroit 8v92 turbo engines. Once anchored, the ship’s amenities—which include men’s and women’s restrooms and a galley serving snacks—keep anglers comfortable between casts. Our friendly Captains and mates are happy to assist first-time fishermen and even seasoned professionals to make the most of their fishing experience.

Imagine the lightning-like stripe down the side of a yellowtail snapper or the marbled, almost serpentine pattern on a black grouper. The waters off the Florida Keys teem with such visually stunning marine life, and the crew of Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter knows how to catch them!


Captain Jamie J Snediker-Druckemiller

Captain 100 ton

Jamie J. Snediker is a well-known personality in Key West, Florida, where she has been living since 2007. She was born and raised in Freeport, NY and spent many years as an international flight attendant and mate on a party boat.

However, her true passion has always been fishing, and she found Key West to be the perfect place to pursue her dreams. As a captain, Jamie’s skills and knowledge of fishing have been recognized by many in the industry. She has been fortunate enough to work with a great team of individuals who she considers her family. Her love for fishing has led her to be an active member of the Key West Charter Boat Association and served as its President from 2010 to 2013.

She also currently holds the position of Vice President of the association. In addition to her love for fishing and boating, Jamie is a business owner and owns S Southernmost Tattoo on Duval Street. Her passion for business and creativity has led her to expand her interests outside of fishing. Jamie’s son once stated, jokingly, that her mother loves her boat more than she loves him. But Jamie’s passion for fishing and boating is what has made her an exemplary leader in the Key West community. Her love and dedication to her craft have made her an important member of the fishing industry and a respected figure in the local community.

Captain Perry McClain

Captain 200 Ton

Captain Perry McClain is a mechanical genius and a true adventurer, with a passion for sailing and exploring the open seas. Born and raised in Kentucky, Perry developed a love for boats and all things mechanical from a young age. After spending many years honing his skills as a mechanic and sailor, he decided to make his way to Key West, where he purchased his dream vessel, the “Ghost Ship.” Perry has been a captain onboard the Gulfstream IV since 2017 and has quickly become a well-known figure among the Key West community. With a friendly demeanor and an infectious laugh, Perry is loved by all who meet him. He is always eager to share his knowledge and his love of the sea with others, and he takes great pride in showing his passengers the sights and sounds of the waters surrounding Key West.

Captain Perry McClain has also demonstrated a deep commitment to giving back to his community. As a military veteran himself, Perry understands the sacrifices made by those who have served in our armed forces. In order to express his gratitude and support for veterans, Perry has founded a non-profit organization that takes military veterans on multi-day trips to the Dry Tortugas, Mexico, and the Bahamas. This program provides veterans with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the ocean, to connect with other veterans, and to find peace and healing through the therapeutic power of the sea. In 2021, Perry obtained his 200 Ton Master Captain License, which will allow him to take his sailing adventures to new heights. He is excited to explore new waters and experience new cultures, and he dreams of sailing the seven seas.

If you are lucky enough to fish with Perry, you can be sure that you are in good hands. With his extensive knowledge of boats and fishing, Perry will keep you safe and provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, Perry will make sure that you have a great time on the water.

Captain James Rogers


Captain James Rogers is a true lover of the ocean and adventure. Born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida, his passion for fishing and exploring the open sea began at an early age. He moved to Key West in 2004 to work on fishing boats, eventually landing a job on over night trips to the Dry Tortugas. In 2010, James made a bold decision to join the Key West Fire Department where he continues to make a difference in the community.

While his time is now split between his beloved ocean and his job as a firefighter, James still makes room for his number one passion: spear fishing. Captain Rogers’s skills as a spear fisherman are unparalleled, and he has explored some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world. His love of adventure and respect for the ocean have earned him a reputation among fellow fishermen and adventurers alike. Whether he’s on a fishing trip or out in the ocean, Captain James Rogers lives by the adage of “work hard, play hard.” He is a devoted boyfriend, and his girlfriend occupies a special place in his heart and life. Captain Rogers is a true example of what it means to pursue one’s passion while also giving back to the community.

Capt Brandon Druckemiller

Captain Brandon Druckemiller is a resident of Key West Florida, born and raised on the island, making him an authentic “conch”. He is a man of many hats; besides being an avid fisherman, he spends most of his time as a plumber, tackling some of the most complex plumbing tasks.

Brandon’s love and passion for the ocean knew no bounds, which is evident in his TikTok videos (@flightbenefits) that have garnered a massive following of over 5 million views. He has a natural comedic flair and his videos are a testament to his sense of humor. Brandon has found a perfect match in his partner, Jamie Snediker, who is also an accomplished captain and a tattoo shop owner in Key West. The couple shares a deep love for the ocean, Key West, and their two incredible boys, who share the same passion for fishing as their father.

Besides being famous on social media, Brandon Druckemiller is an equally respected member of his close-knit community, known for his humor, hard work, and his unwavering love for the island that he calls home.



Bad Kyle has been with Gulfstream Fishing since late 2017. He appeared one night without explanation and has been causing trouble on just about every trip. He has been known to steal your bait, eat your food, cut your line, jump overboard, cause engine issues, write on your face if you fall asleep, and a list of countless other annoying things. He has been known to miss the boat a few times. We had to stop letting him answer the Gulfstream phones because he has a terrible habit of giving bad directions. If you see him during your trip watch out! Make sure you get a photo with him and tag #badkyle on Instagram. He thinks he famous!

Captain Steve Schreiter

Captain Steve Schreiter is a highly respected and experienced captain with an unwavering passion for the ocean and all things nautical. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Steve hails from a long line of successful concrete and gravel manufacturers, but he always knew that his heart belonged to the ocean. A former Marine, Steve’s discipline, dedication, and love for adventure instilled in him a sense of determination and fearlessness that come in handy as a captain. Steve’s mechanical skills and his love for the ocean led him to pursue a career as a sailor, and he currently owns the magnificent 200GT sailboat known as the TWO LYNNE.

He is also the co-founder of Ghost Ship Warriors, a non-profit organization that takes veterans on multi-day trips to the Dry Tortugas, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Steve’s dedication to giving back to those who served our country is a testament to his character and his unwavering sense of duty. When he is not taking veterans out to sea, Steve can be found leading fishing trips aboard the Gulfstream IV, putting his extensive knowledge and expertise to work. A true mechanical genius, Steve’s skills are unparalleled, and he is able to repair just about anything on any boat or engine. His attention to detail and his extensive experience make him an integral part of the Gulfstream IV crew.

Steve’s infectious love for Key West and all things nautical is apparent in everything he does. He enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge and his passion with others and takes great pride in his leadership role on the Gulfstream Fishing crew. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newbie to the world of fishing, Steve will ensure that your experience on the Gulfstream IV is one that you’ll never forget. if you would like to learn more about his non-profit

Captain Andy Fortin

Captain Andy Fortin is a renowned party boat captain with an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the mesmerizing waters of Key West. Originally from the bustling state of New Jersey, Captain Andy felt his true calling was on the waters of Key West where he has been a resident for the last 38 years. During this time, he has become one of the most well-respected captains in the region. Captain Andy’s passion for the sea started at an early age, and he has spent his entire life working on party boats, providing memorable experiences for numerous tourists and locals alike.

He is a veteran in this field, having served as the captain of the Greyhound, The Can’t Miss, and the Gulfstream II, III & IV. Not only is Captain Andy passionate about entertaining guests on the boat, but he is also a kind-hearted man, especially when it comes to children in need. Every Christmas, he takes on the role of Santa Claus for kids photos to make their holiday season memorable.

Captain Andy’s personal life is equally remarkable. He is married to Luann, who has been his pillar of support throughout his life and career. Together, they have created memories that will last a lifetime and continue to live their lives to the fullest. Thus, Captain Andy Fortin has not only spent his life doing what he loves, but he has also gained immeasurable respect and admiration from everyone he has come across—including fellow captains, tourists, locals, and even children.