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  • June-August
  • Summer Only

Summer Night Fishing – 7 p.m.

Starting June 15, 2024 thru August 15, 2024

Quick Details

Starting June 15, 2024 thru August 15, 2024

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

7PM Trip Adults $73.95

  • 5 hour trip returns at 12:30am
  • Rod Rental Available for $5.00
  • Bait & License included
  • Book for 1 person or 45 we can get everyone on one vessel
  • USCG inspected vessel
  • Professionally licensed crew, CPR, First Aid trained
  • Children’s prices vary by age
Adult (13+)
Child (12 & Under)
Infant (Under 5)
Rider not Fishing

Join us on a unique night fishing journey in Key West, where the tranquil sea and cool, inviting weather set the stage for an unparalleled adventure. The vast, serene ocean awaits, ready to share its nocturnal secrets under the mesmerizing starlight.

As the waters come alive, the summer snapper spawn ignites a frenzy of activity. Species like the grey snapper, shark, barracuda, and many more show an increased eagerness to bite under the cloak of night. Among these, the mangrove snapper, celebrated for its exceptional taste, becomes a sought-after catch, promising both challenge and reward after sunset.

Our crew, armed with expert knowledge of the local waters and night fishing, offers you a passage to unforgettable catches. This journey isn’t just about fishing; it’s an opportunity to embrace the thrill of the hunt, enjoy the cool night breeze, and discover Key West’s hidden marine wonders after dark. Perfect for families and fishing aficionados alike, our trips promise not just a learning experience but a chance to create lasting memories.

And with every trip, we gift you a free sunset, painting the sky in breathtaking hues as a perfect prelude to your night adventure.

Rod rentals are available for an additional $5, ensuring you’re fully equipped for success.

What to Bring:

  • Camera: Capture the night’s unforgettable moments.
  • Food & Drink: Keep your energy up for the adventure ahead.
  • Smiles: The best bait for a memorable experience.

What Not to Bring:

  • Large Coolers: Space is at a premium; compact is key.
  • Bad Attitude: Good vibes make for better catches.
  • Illegal Substances: Keeping it fun for everyone onboard. (marijuana is illegal on this vessel)

Join us as we venture into the night, where the ocean’s life unseen during daylight hours beckons, offering a fishing experience that not only illuminates the water’s mysteries but also brings you closer to the pulsating heart of the sea.